Friday, August 12, 2011

Is There a Lifeguard in the House?

No more amateur on-line poker playing for Nick, thanks to the Federal Government crackdown and arrests of many of the CEOs whose methods were apparently a bit shady. He suddenly found himself unemployed.

So, guess who just completed his certification as a lifeguard? If you happen to be swimming in Hasentree or Heritage, you might just catch a glimpse of this guy! Who else finds a way to get paid for spending time in the sun staying tan? Congrats Nick and keep a good eye out for all those little ones swimming in pools!


  1. Still can't believe he's a life guard but if it was on his bucket list to check off, ya gotta do it!

    Just waiting now for some free passes to those pools!

  2. haha, i bet that was a pretty big pay cut for him! but at least he can work o his tan. :)

  3. i prefer "professional sunbather who glances at the pool"

  4. A perfect job for him! I can attest to his professional skills while at the pool for little ones :)

  5. These comments are all hysterical
    a) I still cant believe he made a living off online poker for that long
    b) What a pay cut is right...but at least this is legit :)
    c) He was already so dark.. I bet he looks black now!
    d) You have the best kids :)

    When does school start for him?

  6. Oh the irony that in the first picture he doesn't have his shirt on but in the "life guard" picture he does!