Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Johnny, Ben and the Boat!

A couple of weeks ago my brother and nephew drove up from Orlando to pick up my parents' bass boat. It has been stored at both our house and the Dews, and it was time for it to find a new home and get some use on the numerous lakes in Central Florida. It was good to see them and we can't wait for pictures of the fish we know they will be catching in the near future!

Our nephew Ben came ready for breakfast before the long trip home! (I made him pose for the pic of course!)
Our breakfast spread!
Mom and Dad's bass boat...they made lots of good memories fishing together

 One last pic with Grandma before they head out
  Father and son
Off they go...(and they made it safely to Florida with the boat!)

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  1. Yes, I do have some wonderful memories of fishing from that boat. I must admit that we caught a lot more fish in Florida than we ever did in North Carolina, though. Here's hoping they enjoy it as much as we did.