Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thankful Thursday - Chocolate and Caramel!

When I was with IBM in 1988, I was working on a project in England that allowed me to take my whole family with me for a three month assignment. During that time we enjoyed many activities and items that were solely British. One of them was Cadbury chocolate. It is a rich milk chocolate that when paired with caramel......oh boy!

The Hershey Company has licensed the Cadbury Carmello bar for sales in the USA:

It is good.  R.E.A.L.L.Y  G.O.O.D.    However, the original is even better:

The US version costs about $1.00 and the English version about $4.00 (if you can find them). If you are a chocolate and caramel combo lover like Linda and I are, we heartily encourage you to buy a couple of Carmellos; one to enjoy, and another one to mail to us, especially if you live in the UK (they really do taste better!).

P.S. What candy bar are you thankful for?


  1. Yep, there's nothing like a Carmello!!! Jamie is heading back over to the UK in September and I'm going to have him bring a whole bunch back for all of us!!!!

  2. I have never had this candy bar, but it sure looks yummy!!! I LOVE Cadbury chocolate!! My favorite candy they make is the milk chocolate mini eggs that ONLY come out during Easter!! I buy A BUNCH to stock up! lol

  3. Looks really good... Does it come in Dark Chocolate? That would be fantastic...

  4. After making enquires we're having real trouble with the caramello issue. A friend who is 65 seems to remember then but can't remember the last time she saw one despite me endeavouring to describe the packaging. We discussed whether they morphed into Cadbury's Caramel - a similar caramel filled chocolate bar with a slinky female rabbit in the advert! ;D

  5. I LOVE caramello bars! They are one of my all-time favorites. I can't believe that about the UK: first, they can hardly get their hands on carfilzomib and now CARAMELLO bars?! That's just cruel.