Monday, August 1, 2011

Moving On

My father passed away two years ago and we still think about him just about every day. His quick wit and humorous expressions, facial and verbal, still make us laugh when we are reminded of them in our goings and comings. It was great fun to play cards with him, and many of us have come close to wetting our pants from laughing so hard. He loved to twirl a good yo-yo, fiddle with things in his garage, enjoy a big bowl of ice cream or eat cheese puffs in his recliner, cheer for FSU and be with his family...especially grandchildren and great grandchildren! Leah always had an extra special place in his heart!

"Muscle man" on cruise to Cozumel with the family to celebrate 60 years of marriage

Baby Seminoles Nathan and Natalie

Grandpa with Leah, Kyle, and Grandma on cruise
My mother has been living with us for about a year now, and has decided it is time to move forward in the process of selling their home of 13 easy task to be sure. It is filled with memories as you might imagine. However, as we have begun to go through things in an effort to decide what she wants to keep, sell, donate or give away, there has been joy. It means alot to my mom to give certain items to family members that need or want them, knowing that more memories will be made with them in a new home.

My parents home of 13 years in Wake Forest
My neice Sarah, her husband David, and daughter Addyson, have relocated from Florida to North Carolina and this past weekend they came to visit and transport some of "Grandma's" furniture to their new home. They will now enjoy a dining room set, bedroom set for Addyson, futon, dishes, glassware, linens, and other kitchen items that were once "Grandma and Grandpa's". We have all been given things that will forever hold a special place in our hearts and remind us of the family we love and the Dad, Grandpa, and Gramps that we miss so much. We had such a great time watching the little ones play together and I know it blesses my Mom's heart to have more family closeby.

U-Haul all loaded up for the trip to Charlotte

A very grateful Sarah (due in 5 weeks with Jaxon), Grandma, David and Addyson

1st cousins Tara and Sarah

David introducing us to the "double down" with Nathan's hotdogs

2nd cousins Natalie and Addyson

Samuel and Samantha peeking in the "fort" at the big kids

Nathan in "fort"

New best friends - Nathan, Addyson and Natalie

Nick and Ernie were fast asleep after the move, while the kids watched a movie
We look forward to getting my Mom's sweet house on the market and moving on with more memorable weekends with family as they come to visit. So proud of how strong she has been in the process.


  1. I can't imagine how hard this process is for Grandma, I'm so proud of her too. I'm such a sentimental person and I know that house is filled with wonderful memories. On the other hand the items that Grandma has given Kyle and I, we will use everyday and think of her and Grandpa every time. I miss him SO MUCH and have teared up so many times wishing that he could have met Emery. I know he would love her so much. Although since his favorite number was 8... I know he had a part in her being born on March 8TH and being the 8TH great grandchild! So glad that Sarah and David have moved closer to us all!!

  2. We enjoyed seeing David, Sarah and Addyson so much this past weekend! How neat that Grandma and Grandpa's stuff "lives on" in their new house!

  3. Where in Wake Forest is her home located? It's beautiful!
    Good luck moving!

  4. Sarah, my mother's house is on a cul-de-sac in Matherly subdivision off Jenkins Road. It is especially beautiful in the spring when all the azaleas bloom!

  5. Such a beautiful home, I'm sure a new family will begin and enjoy thier own memories in it when it's ready for the market. In the mean time you all will be in our prayers for a smooth and peaceful transition.ponsts

  6. Thanks! I have friends looking to move in WF if they can sell their house first. I told them to look at hers. It is a beautiful home!

  7. My friends' home came under contract this weekend conitgent for 120 days that the buyer can sell their home. My friend has ridden by your mom's and wants her husband to now. I'll let you know if they are interested. Who knows! Might save some realtor expenses and hassle of showing it. ;)