Thursday, August 18, 2011

Things We Loved About Edenton

At the time we booked our two night bed and breakfast stay in Edenton, we really knew very little about it. My parents had always wanted to visit some friends who lived there, and I knew it was a historic town near the coast of NC. With that in mind, my mom and I made our reservations for "A Stick-To-Your-Ribs Carolina Retreat" (through LivingSocial) and headed east to the Captain's Quarters Inn!

Touted as "the best of small-town America" Edenton didn't disappoint. Nestled along picturesque Edenton Bay on the north shore of the Albermarle Sound, it is simply beautiful. It served as the first Colonial Capital until 1743, and is well known for its architecture, featuring gorgeous examples of Jacobean, Georgian, Federal, Greek Revival and Victorian. There are two National Historic Landmarks, and numerous buildings on the National Register of Historic Places. From the moment we arrived, we were taken by the southern magnolia and bald cypress trees, tranquil waters and historic structures. I loved everything about it and found myself taking lots of pictures. Hopefully I can spark your interest in heading there yourself one day! We were definitely happy we took the Trolley Tour as our guide grew up in Edenton and had been doing tours for over 20 years. We learned so much!

The trees were so majestic and unusual. Be sure to click on the collage so you can get a larger view of the two men sitting on buckets, fishing under the shade of that huge tree. Just brought us right back to a way of life that was slower. I sure wonder about all the things they talked about that day... 

Here are some examples of the exquisite homes we saw on the tour:

We found a lovely restaurant for dinner our first night. The food was delicious, the atmosphere totally relaxing and the sunset unforgettable!

Come back tomorrow for our Rib University lesson, including our favorite Pit Master's rub recipe.


  1. I got to hear about your trip in person, but loved looking at these pictures and reading about it again. So glad that you did this!

  2. It's so quaint. I want house number three, no, two ohhh I like them ALL. ;D