Monday, September 6, 2010

DOT +11...Questions?

Today (Sunday) Ernie needed a platelet infusion, as predicted. They also gave him some fluids as his blood pressure was a bit low, probably due to the Benadryl they give when infusing platelets or blood. It was a 4 hour day at the Clinic, but he felt good, wasn't nauseated, and even wanted Outback takeout for dinner! Now that is a big change in his appetite from last weekend when it consisted of popsicles, jello and Italian ice!

Throughout the course of this journey with cancer, Ernie and I have sought answers to many, many questions. We thought those of you who are reading our blog might also have questions, and we wanted to give you the opportunity to ask. They can be about cancer, myeloma, our family, our faith, the Transplant Clinic, whatever! We will do our best to be open and honest, and if we don't know the answer, we are currently in a place where I bet with can find someone who does. Perhaps we can all learn something new in the process.

Don't be shy...we know you're out there! If you aren't comfortable asking on the blog, feel free to email Ernie (email address is on the sidebar).

Let me get started with something we are commonly asked...

1. How does Ernie ride in a car if he can't sit? Perhaps a picture will answer this best:

Ernie the Masked Bandit ready to ride to the Clinic Sunday morning in our loaner car.

Ernie's view is out the back window. We have found that lately he can have the seatback up a bit more than in the past when it had to be fully reclined, and he also can be more on his back rather than on his right side...progress!

So, now it's your turn to ask a to you soon!


  1. I'll go first...

    Did anything "cause" (or contribute to) E's type of cancer?

    Why did it start in his back/tailbone?

    Looking back, were there any signs (prior to the back pain last Dec)?

    Would a cancer screening have "caught" this type?


  2. I'll go second...

    How does Big E feel wearing a Duke hat when his son is a UNC alumnus and fan? Is there any burning/tingling in the scalp when he puts it on? Is there an inherent "evil" smell in all Duke paraphernalia as others have reported? Thanks for your timely answers!


    Love you pa, keep up the good work

  3. How fun! Mom, you are getting so creative with your blogging! Love it:) (And love the pictures of Dad the bandit in the car!)

    Okay, so here is a random one: Where is your favorite place that you've ever traveled? Where is one place that you would still love to travel to?

    And.. for old times sake: What are some of your favorite memories of Leah, Nick and I as children? Spill the beans...

    Love you both so much!

  4. It just wouldn't be a "question" post if I didn't ask Dad's favorite question:


    2) If you both could live anywhere in the world where would it be?

    Love you both!!

  5. interesting questions when will we see the answers?