Thursday, September 23, 2010

Facebook | Messages - prayers from Kenya

From: Mimi Huff Brummitt September 22 at 3:55pm

"Hi Big EZ. I am in Kisumu, Kenya. I want you to know that the group of women in the photo are praying for you and will continue to pray for your strength and healing! I told them all about Linda and your family and how much you love the Lord. I told them what a strong witness you are in a time of struggle. They care very much for your health and I have promised to keep them updated on your progress. Much love! Mimi"

Our hearts were so moved when we received this message from our dear friend. We are honored to know that these precious ladies in Africa have our picture, and are lifting Ernie up. We just don't have the words to describe what this means to us. This is what the body of Christ is all about...loving one another as sisters and brothers, even if we live worlds apart. Oh what we would give to meet them one day, embrace, and tell them face to face how awesome God is, and how much we love them and appreciate their prayers. Thank you Mimi for such a precious gift...

Hebrews 13:1 - Keep on loving each other as brothers.


  1. Bonnie's comment short and to the point, exactly what I was thinking. The power of prayer around the world is incredible.

  2. WOW. People around the globe are praying for Dad, and it shows!!

  3. This is amazing! Here we are at home praying that Mimi's mission trip goes well, and there she is in Africa with a picture of Linda and Ernie asking for prayers for Ernie. I am in awe! WOW!

  4. Grandma, I couldn't have said it better! I've been praying for Mimi in Africa, and can't believe that they are praying for Dad! Mimi is such a sweet and thoughtful friend~ And the power of prayer is evident. God's Spirit unites all Christians wherever we are serving Him!