Monday, September 13, 2010

Stop to Smell the Roses...

Aren't these roses just beautiful? It was a gorgeous September day as we were leaving the Clinic, so we decided to take a little drive over to the Duke Chapel. I found these roses blooming their hearts out right in front of the chapel. I hope I never stop marveling in God's creation, and of course I never want to be so hardened or busy that I don't stop to smell the roses and thank the Creator.

I have always loved the architecture and beauty of the Duke campus and hopefully these pictures will show you what I mean. It brings me back to the months our family spent in England when Ernie worked for IBM...castles, wooden doors, archways, spires, flowers, leaded glass, and stonework. The craftsmen who create such structures amaze me and I never want to take them for granted. Just look at the detail...even if you're not a Duke fan!

I wonder how many students, faculty and staff walk through these doors every day and take them for granted...

On another note, there is a very recognizable part of the Durham landscape. It is often called the "Green Pickle"... I have no idea why. Being directionally impaired like I am, I was thankful whenever I saw this building as I knew that at least I was in the vicinity of the apartment! As we navigated Durham during our time there I often said to Ernie, "See, I would literally be lost without you!" and it is the honest to goodness truth.


  1. The pictures of Duke are breath taking. How special God had some roses in bloom for you, so you could be reminded of His creation, His beauty, His mighty hand in your life every moment.

  2. Mrs. Baker, I work in that building!!! :) On the 12th floor of the green pickle, haha

  3. I love these pictures. I am not really a "Duke fan" but I love going to the chapel and looking at the beautiful buildings. It truly is amazing!

  4. I have never been on the duke campus and when I first saw the blog (before reading it) I was thinking to myself "When have they had time to go on a trip??" lol I cannot believe we have building like that close by! Mygoodness they are beautiful!