Sunday, September 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Kyle!

There once was a college guy named Kyle,
Who ran around ASU with a great big smile,
On the way back from the gym after a grueling workout,
A feisty blonde named Leah did give him a shout.

That was the beginning of talks after class,
Bagels, ice cream and a friendship that grew fast.
Trustworthy and true, a consistent man was he,
And soon her heart fell for brown eyed Kyle G.

He supported her dance, and was there for her,
During times of tummy troubles and cold temperatures.
He taught her to hike, snowboard and bike,
For these things we didn't ever think she would like!

Time passed and soon into a couple they grew,
True love emerged, and both families knew,
For the dancer from Raleigh and hockey player from Apex,
Engagement and marriage would surely come next.

So December sixteenth he said “I do”,
They married in Binkley and to Puerto Vallarta they flew.
Four years later, a dad he will soon become,
An awesome father to a daughter or a son.

We respect who he is and love him so much,
Hardworking, athletic, with a caring touch.
So we send to him our hardy cheers,
On this his birthday of twenty seven years!

B & Big EZ


  1. Happy birthday, Kyle. I love you too.

  2. Thanks guys! I love the poem!! Having a great birthday already!

  3. Happy Birthday K-Money! We do love you so much and are glad to have you as a part of our family!

    PS. Mom and Dad, you are quite the poets...and I didn't even know it!

  4. You guys have some GOOD memories!! I love the poem, thanks so much for doing this for Kyle!

  5. What a great idea! I love the poem! Happy Birthday, Kyle!