Monday, September 20, 2010

Big EZ featured on MM for Dummies

Phil Brabbs, former placekicker for the University of Michigan Wolverines, was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma when he was 28...I can hardly imagine. Linda and I find his blog to be brutally honest, encouraging and educational as he chronicles his journey with this cancer. He features others with MM on something he calls Myeloma Mondays, and today our story is told. (Click here to read our story.)

Thanks to Phil for his organization,, for his blog, and for all his efforts to find a cure and dominate MM!


  1. How neat that he is featuring your story today Dad! I'm so glad that he started this blog to raise awareness for MM!

  2. Just finished reading his feature of you today, Ernie. It was very good and I liked what you had to say and how you were able to witness. I love your faith, your strength and I love you. So blessed to have you as my son-in-law.