Sunday, September 5, 2010

Progress and Car Trouble

Day of Transplant (DOT) + 10 (Saturday) brought the need for one unit of blood, some potassium and some magnesium...predicted and normal for this point in the process. DOT 11 may require platelets as that number is quickly dropping. White blood cells have not yet begun to rebound, but hopefully they will in the next 2 days.

Nausea seems under control now by taking 1/2 Ativan first thing in the morning, which is a big relief to Ernie. No more tummy troubles, and no mouth sores ever formed. Overall the doctors are very pleased with Ernie's progress and he hasn't had any complications. What a huge answer to prayer!

On another note, the AC in our car stopped cooling last week in 90+ degree temperatures. Luckily there is an Acura dealer right down the road from our apartment and they diagnosed the problem as the compressor...expensive news. So if you see two masked bandits flitting around Durham in a 2010 sporty black Acura TSX, that's us in our loaner car. Ernie really wishes he could drive it, but being on pain meds and sitting fully reclined would make it pretty difficult. Our MDX should be fixed on Tuesday.

Never a dull moment here in Durham, but we sure are missing home and the family. We moved to the apartment almost two weeks ago and are praying maybe we can be heading home in a week...we'll see! Thanks for your continued prayers.

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  1. I am so looking forward to your homecoming! I miss you guys so much, even though I know we couldn't be here together at this point. Praying all continues to go well. Much love to you both!