Saturday, September 25, 2010


This is a big day for anyone who has had a transplant. It marks the point after which the doctors say we can become a bit more relaxed about Ern's exposure to people, as long as they aren't sick. We are celebrating today from the beautiful NC mountains where we are counting our blessings and enjoying some continued rest and relaxation.

At this point Ernie's platelets stand at over 316,000 from a low of 8,000. His white blood cells are now 4.2 up from a low of <.1. He has never run a fever or had an infection during this process. His kidneys continue to function great, he never developed mouth sores, and his lungs remained clear. And now, he is walking with only a cane, and seeing an increased ability to sit for short periods. Thank you Lord for being his Great Physician, and walking with him every step of the way!

And now, we are off to see if he can sit in the front porch's worth a try!


  1. DOT +30!!! Wahoo!

    So glad you all are having a great, relaxing time!

  2. What a wonderful milestone. God has certainly demonstrated His love for you over this journey!

  3. Praise the Lord is all I can say. What an answer to prayer.

  4. How awesome!! We are praying for you guys and are so excited for the progress happening!

  5. Great news!! I saw on your facebook, but am just now making it over to read the blog!! Praise the Lord for the news! We are still praying for you all! Glad you had such a relaxing time in Boone!