Sunday, September 12, 2010

Welcome Home!

There truly is no place like home! After 18 days in the apartment, we finally arrived home and were greeted by an awesome poster from the Dew clan. Nathan's renderings are on the bottom right, and Natalie's on the bottom left. It was such a nice surprise!

(Though we are home, Ernie's system is still severely susceptible to everything, with very little immunity. So, the docs say it should be another couple of weeks before we entertain visitors.)

We were also welcomed home by a custom hand rail for the front and side steps! Our friend, Bob Ussery, built this for us with the help of Buck Warren. After it "cures" for a bit, they will paint it to match the trim on the house. This hand rail will make it much safer for my Mom, Ernie and anyone using our front steps. Many thanks to Bob and Buck for getting this done before we came home.

And to top it off, our master bedroom had been painted a wonderful tan and custom white faux wood blinds had been hung while we were away! After 6 years of original yellow walls and ripped, broken, dirty cellular shades, we have a new clean, crisp look free from dust! We haven't really focused on our bedroom since we initially moved in, but Ernie's illness caused us to spend much more time there since he couldn't 'sit' in the family room. Making it more masculine, with working blinds that open and close to keep it cooler on hot days and darker in the morning, became more important.

MANY thanks to Allison (Jamie's sister) of Allison Reid Designs and Mike Selna of The Louver Shop for doing the blinds, and to Juan Zapata of Premium Painting Company for painting all our trim and walls. We love the new look of our bedroom! (No more flowers and yellow walls for Ernie!)


  1. i'm so glad you guys are home! The new look to your bed room looks great!

  2. Wow what a difference the blinds make the room look! So nice of them to do all of that for you to come home to!

  3. WELCOME HOME so nice to know you are home and now work hard at staying healthy and keep resting and getting strong. Love the new look in the bedroom and the railings came out looking very nice and will be such a great addition for all.

  4. Yay! There is no place like home! I know you guys are very glad to be home and we are glad to see that you are home. I hope that the recover process continues to go very quickly. :)